The yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins is in love with another co-star

Lemma is a relationship between Lachy and Emma. They started dating when they replaced Greg and Jeff as the yellow and purple wiggles in , but didn’t officially announce it until March 7, The response Emma gave was, “Yes! Of Course! The wedding was planned in between tours. Lachy revealed he got the engagement ring in New Zealand. They have done lots of things together to make Wiggles fans think that Lachy Gillespie and Emma Watkins are boyfriend and girlfriend, dancing, playing nursery rhyme couples, going places together, etc. They kept their romantic relationship secret possibly because their career is child-related and their relationship is more adult related, and because they were mainly focused on the job and were mindful of the people around them.

The Wiggles romance: Purple and Yellow Wiggles secretly dating for two years

The two began dating in , after Emma became the first female Wiggle, and revealed their romance in March last year and later married. The children’s group are marking their 25th year in show business and embarking on an Australian tour, titled the Dance, Dance! The Wiggles Big Show! Watkins, 27, and Gillespie, 30, tell Kate Waterhouse about what they’ve learnt from being part of the Wiggles empire, why they initially hid their romance, and their plans for a mini-Wiggle. How did you both get into entertainment?

I did music theatre for three years, then moved to Melbourne and started auditioning … I got an audition for the Dorothy [the Dinosaur] show, in , and I’ve worked with the Wiggles ever since.

One year after separating, Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins says she and former husband, They dated for two years then in April tied the knot in a moving​.

Emma Watkins, known as the yellow Wiggle , has announced she is in a new relationship for the first time since her divorce from the purple Wiggle , Lachlan Gillespie. It comes after Gillespie shared he is also in a new relationship with Australian Ballet senior artist Dana Stephensen, who he also met through The Wiggles , following his high-profile split with Watkins. She also reflected on the public disappointment that transpired when the two announced their split in August after two years of marriage.

However, despite the marriage breakdown, Watkins emphasises that she is grateful for the relationship they had. The two remain close friends and co-workers, with Emma saying they still go to breakfast and lunch together when they are on tour. You can read the full Stellar interview with Emma Watkins here.

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Updated December 03, She’s the first woman to pull on the skivvy in the iconic children’s group The Wiggles, but who is the real Emma Watkins? Emma Watkins, better known to children around the world as the Yellow Wiggle, sits in a make-up chair at Wiggles headquarters as a stylist fusses with her hair. She is deep into production of her solo TV show Emma and Australian Story is getting some behind-the-scenes footage for her upcoming profile.

Just a week after yellow Wiggle Emma declared she was in love with her new man, Wiggles band member Oliver Brian, purple Wiggle Lachlan.

Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins is said to be happy for her ex-husband Lachlan Gillespie , who has reportedly found love with Australian Ballet senior artist, Dana Stephensen. We have been through the whole process of being Wiggly dancers, then Wiggles in training and then finally Wiggles I actually don’t know if I could ever imagine The Wiggles tour without him.

For most, working with an ex-partner so soon after separating would be difficult, even at the best of times. But the affable entertainer says it’s been an easy process— and, surprisingly, their divorce brought them closer together. It’s definitely bizarre and not a normal situation but because we are playing music, dancing with each other and always interacting, it’s actually brought us closer together. We have done all of the highlights and lowlights and now we’re here!

We appreciate each other so much more”. We just get each other and we are so connected. You feel so protective about your body and you’re so in tune with it as a dancer, so the diagnosis really rocked me.

Former Wiggles couple Emma and Lachlan’s public love war

The couple, who first met five years ago while touring for the Dorothy the Dinosaur show then later with The Wiggles show as the Wiggly dancers, officially began dating two years ago, not long after they joined The Wiggles line-up. Nothing was more important to Emma and I than being in the new line-up of The Wiggles, focusing on the music and entertaining the children, so our relationship developed very slowly. I have always loved his kind, gentle nature. Being able to experience, together, this amazing time of becoming Wiggles has been the best thing to happen to me.

He makes me smile and I have never been happier. The pair have never officially announced to management they are dating — their chemistry was enough to alert the bosses at The Wiggles HQ that they were more than just work mates.

Emma Watkins and Lachlan (Lachy) Gillespie are best known as the yellow and purple Wiggles. The two began dating in , after Emma.

I think it’s the first time they started dating! Cause Lachy puts his arm around Emma’s back. To make them boyfriend and girlfriend! I don’t think they ever dated before when they were younger. This might be the first time they dated each other. World’s Most Beautiful. Got Married. Things To Think About. Captain Hat. View this Pin.

Aussie TV star looks unrecognisable in adorable throwback snap

The Australian Women’s Weekly. New Zealand Woman’s Weekly. Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has moved on with a new boyfriend and she didn’t have to look far – he’s a member of the Wiggles crew. The year-old children’s entertainer has found love with Oliver Brian, who plays the guitar and banjo for The Wiggles. The happy couple went public this week, and were spotted together at Adelaide airport. Hearts collectively broke around the world when Emma and her husband of two years, Purple Wiggle Lachie Gillespie, announced their split in August

wear a tutu to work everyday, for her role as Yellow Wiggle on The Wiggles. Emma is now dating musician Oliver Brian, who tours with The.

All the latest in royals, celebrity, hacks, health and travel straight to your inbox. Holding up a fairy wand and dressed in a tiara, fairy wings and a pink tutu, Emma looks like she was always destined to be an entertainer in the cute photo, which was taken in , when she was just seven-years-old. This is clearly how an Autumn Fairy may dress I wanted to make sure my costume was practical for the cooler weather.

Emma now of course gets to wear a tutu to work everyday, for her role as Yellow Wiggle on The Wiggles. The pair married in in a lavish wedding at Hopewood House in Bowral, with Emma looking stunning in a long-sleeved gown by Suzanne Harward. However, just two years later, in August , they announced they were parting ways, with fans left in shock over the news.

In October , Lachlan went public with his new love, Dana Stephensen, and the pair became engaged in April. Despite their ups and downs, Emma and Lachlan have remained amicable, with Emma telling Stellar magazine in December last year that she predicted her ex-husband and Dana would be the perfect match. He loves talking about the environment and food production. It’s not very ‘Wiggly’, but it’s been nice for me to talk about things not just concerning ourselves, but people everywhere around the world.

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His popular ex-wife appears to have given her blessing to the couple after reacting with a message of three purple hearts on his Instagram post. Stephensen showed off her sparkling engagement ring yesterday — an emerald cut pink gemstone and gave away further details on their proposal. She revealed Gillespie had proposed to her first before she returned the gesture last week. Our faces say it all. It was something very meaningful for us to both have the opportunity to propose to one another, each in our own way.

Dana and Lachy met on The Wiggles’ set, and began dating a little over a year after his two-year marriage to the Yellow Wiggle, Emma Watkins.

But life has moved on, as have Emma and Lachy, and it seems that everyone has adjusted nicely just over 12 months since they split. Well, everyone except a handful of fans. Only in today’s Stellar, out now. A few fans were not quite as happy. They had their hearts set on a Lachy and Emma reunion and commented as much. But other fans realised that Emma and Lachy are just FINE with their break-up and that them both finding new happiness is something to be celebrated.

You deserve this after going through your break up so publicly. So happy for you! The Wiggles family But life has moved on, as have Emma and Lachy, and it seems that everyone has adjusted nicely just over 12 months since they split. View this post on Instagram. MORE Relationships. Relationships The one thing you need to do to create healthy boundaries with your in-laws.

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