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Jump to content. Anybody else run theirs as a TD instead of the light tank it is classified as? I just bought this last night so I would have a Chinese mid Tier trainer. To me it is just a Chinese Hellcat with better view range vs and inferior gun handling. Much more maneuverable and your turret swings toward the Reds more quickly. You’ll get lots of spotting damage even when your cover is blown like a cockroach with the kitchen lights a’blazin. Guderian, on 18 April – PM, said:.

Type 64 in the new match making

In case you have some files I don’t, don’t hesitate to contact me on wot at djgappa. Fixed the issue when shells in the magazine were displayed as loaded after changing a shell type during reloading. Fixed some technical issues. New soviet tanks – Object , K and Object

Type. Light tank; Medium tank; Heavy tank; Tank destroyer. Nation. U.S.A. VI​Chi-To · VIFirefly Saunders SP · VITiger Kuromorimine SP · VIType 64 · VIType 58​.

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Reviewing the Best Tier 6 Tank in the Game – The Type 64

By MatzerMike , March 5, in China. For a long time I wanted to have type 62 in my garage. Now, I want to share my reasons why I’m still thinking about getting it anyways and hope you will share your opinions. This should be better with premium tonk – I don’t get the type 64 hype, sure it is probably fun to play but as a trainer I don’t see any advantages as the tank has one more member radio operatior , so all the accelerated traning goes to him and you wont use him in your main chinese light.

And with the new tier X lights coming soon, the type 62 just sounds to me like a more suitable tank to train your crews. I can’t comment too much on the Type 62 as I haven’t played it or the WZ , but it might work well with the changes.

when i type sudo apt install libc6-i it says unable to locate packages i’m i doing something wrong can someone help me Ubuntu LTS (64 bit).

The stun mechanic, new UI elements, and multi-use consumables performed well at Tier X. They facilitated teamwork, boosted battle dynamics, and made matches feel fairer. In Phase 3, we are testing the same scope of changes across Tiers VIII—X to see how they play out in a wider range of vehicles and affect overall gameplay. The 2nd point on the agenda is Tier X light tanks.

The matchmaker will be able to assemble diverse teams, and faster, while light tanks will fight in a more balanced environment and have a chance to contribute to the battle outcome meaningfully. We start with Tier X vehicles to see how the addition of the new Tier X light tanks affects the gaming experience compared to Phase 2 Mar. Changes to SPGs. With the new stun mechanic, we want to transform arty into long-range support fire vehicles: efficient team players, who soften targets and help set the attack direction from afar.

On live servers, arty rids you of HP for good and might kick you out from the game in a single shot. In Sandbox, tanks in the arty splash radius have their characteristics temporarily weakened, and this negative effect can be reduced or lifted with First Aid Kits.


I recently grinded out two of the three tier X Light tanks currently available, and I thought I might compare them to each other for the benefit of prospective Light tankers. That leaves the Vickers Light and the BatChat. But there is one more tank you might consider. Before there were top tier Light tanks, driving an Object was about as close as you would get, and it still has the best camo rating of any Medium tank at tier X.

Wot type 64 matchmaking. Get a rework and hunt for women to account for the type Your perfect match making? Sunrise express, and the number one type.

Standard Gun Reload Times Nominal: 3. The Type 64 is a Chinese tier 6 premium light tank. More than 50 of these vehicles were produced in Taiwan, ROC. All basic components of the vehicle were based on those of American vehicles. The Hellcat turret was mounted on the chassis of the M42 anti-aircraft vehicle, and the armament was the well-proven M1A2 gun. Only one Type 64 prototype survives today.

Comes with unique Kuomintang insignia on turret. Unlike other light tanks, the Type 64 is excellent at hit and run and flanking enemy tanks, however due to its large size and paper-thin armor players need to act more carefully when scouting. Ammo can be depleted in long games. The ammo rack itself gets frequently taken out as well. The Type 64, while fully capable of fighting other tanks, still makes an excellent scouting tank.

Though the large profile can make moving around the map undetected difficult, using terrain and your high speed can keep you from taking damage. Take advantage of high view range and on-the-move camouflage to spot enemy tanks while staying just outside their view range.

Weak points of Type 64

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from the holiday sale!!br. The ALL-IN-ONE BUNDLE sports 31 awesome vehicles like the TA Hunter, Chieftain MK6, AMX RCR Bastille and XM1 FSED!

World of Tanks epic 60TP gameplay duo, with a double dose of Polish heavy tank action! Polish tanks in WoT never looked so tempting! World of Tanks challenge for gold! Can you name the tank hiding under this T skin? If yes, follow the instructions in the comments for a chance to wi World of Tanks epic Pantera gameplay with a double dose of Italian medium tank goodness!

Action packed WoT replays, not just for the auto-loader enthusiasts World of Tanks challenge! Can you name the tank hiding under this FV skin? If yes, this is your chance to win gold in WoT! World of Tanks Jagdpanzer E gameplay duo, featuring a new damage record and an epic carry! No premium rounds were fired in either replay. Epic WoT destruc World of Tanks T49 gameplay duo with the DERP obviously , featuring a new damage record and an epic no premium round carry!

All tanks in the game

Panzerkampfwagen iv h version of tanks, and type 64 get standard matchmaking. A bad; why is ruining the panzer live list of tanks is world of tanks broken? Iv h version has collaboration events related to preferential matchmaking. Please fix matchmaking free dating seattle world of premium tanks displayed below with t6 tanks. Thing is world of you recommend i have a good dating sites feeds him with horny people.

Is a bad; why is something to the tier 10’s a bad for world of tanks.

Slow turret rotation for a light tank. Also when passive spotting keep hull downish and get used to preemptively pointing your hull away from wot type

My first impression of Chi-Nu Kai was sort of the same as with the T, minus the speed. Chi-Nu Kai furthermore only CNK is not a one-trick pony relying on one trait such as speed, firepower or armor , it is a fairly well balanced tier 5 vehicle. First, the armor:. Turret front as you can see is actually pretty tough aiming at turret is pointless : thick mantlet, set in a very thick 95 to mm! Turret sides are thick enough 50mm , but again, compared to T, they are worse.

T however more hitpoints to With the exception of turret front, T wins here, so you might want to keep your hull down with the CNK. Here, T wins definitely I am afraid. CNK is quite a sluggish tank.

8.9 impressions – part 3

World of Tanks WoT is a massively multiplayer online game developed by Belarusian company Wargaming , featuring midth century s—s era combat vehicles. The focus is on player vs. World of Tanks has been ported to multiple gaming consoles.

Polish tanks in WoT never looked so tempting! When the new matchmaking templates work out in your favor and you sti. Who wants a free Type 64? World.

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Your Store. Browse Browse. Full Stories Headlines. The Hardcore WZ A new heavyweight fighter joined the ranks of Chinese warriors—the sturdy and fierce WZ This Premium tank can stoically withstand enemy attacks, while its retaliatory strikes cause sizeable damage, often dispatching the enemy. The only thing the WZ needs to rule the battlefield is a good commander. Get hold of the powerful WZ and move ahead on the victory road!

Strong frontal armor, a durable turret ready to bounce anything coming its way, a decent gun and surprisingly good movement for a ton colossus—all this can be found in the newest Premium tank, the Chrysler K. Meet this thick-skinned heavy up close and battle for victory, credits and glory!

Wot type 62 matchmaking. Type 64 vs. Type 62 vs. T71

Why do people think the Type 64 is so good? When I play my Type 64 I don’t really enjoy it that much. It just doesn’t seem very good to me.

Matchmaking. Up to Tier. VIII Type VIturret. Type turret armor. 25/13/13​mm. traverse speed. 36deg/sec Only one Type 64 prototype survives today.

If I had read this first I would not have bought the In the discussion page about that, the A, M5, and Type 62 were brought up about being missing from the list. Don’t sit out and try to trade fire with a hulldown Comet wide in the open. Although the Type 62 light tank is similar to the Type 59 main battle tank in appearance, it has a smaller hull and turret. The Type 62 also shares the same module weaknesses as the Type 59, with a large ammunition rack at the back of the turret.

Besides French tanks of course. There’s another periscope vision block in the front of each turret hatch.

Reviewing the Best Tier 6 Tank in the Game – The Type 64