Not Just ‘Indian Matchmaking’, These 7 Reality Shows & Films Celebrate Arranged Marriages

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Not Just ‘Indian Matchmaking’, These 7 Reality Shows & Films Celebrate Arranged Marriages

The show, which has generated a lot of buzz online, follows Sima Taparia, a high-profile matchmaker from Mumbai who sets couples up with prospective matches. While the show has triggered a debate on sexism, colourism and racism, it has managed to throw the spotlight on the age-old Indian custom of arranged marriage. Over the last two decades, several Bollywood films and reality TV shows have explored the concept of arranged marriages in their own way and have done justice to the theme.

The show is about the central figure, Aneela Rahman, a Glasgow based British-Asian marriage arranger, who gets her family and friends to network together and find the perfect partner for the contestants in a four-week period.

As the Mumbai-based matchmaker, Sima Taparia guides her clients in the U.S, and in India, we get to witness the journey of milennials.

MatchMe is an exclusive boutique matrimonial service for well established Indian individuals all across the globe who believe in the institution of marriage. Our objective is to get two individuals together who share common values, beliefs, interests and ultimately feel they are compatible with each other for marriage. We believe in partnering with all our clients with utmost trust and integrity extending all efforts towards bringing two compatible individuals as well as families together in matrimony.

Our Founders, Tania and Mishi bring with them a fresh approach to traditional matchmaking. They seek to celebrate your individuality and help you to find someone who will be the one for you. This is why we are the ONLY service that many of our clients have tried. With an open mind, they are committed to filling the gap that exists in this area. Using their corporate experience, they bring a systematic and a psychologically insightful approach to MatchMe.

As young, married professionals we intimately understand the role that compatibility, understanding, love and respect play in a happy marriage. The modern reality is that we are constantly bombarded with information and choices. MatchMe seeks to curate that information and those choices to help you narrow your search for your life partner. We use our in-depth, personalized approach to understanding your priorities and then use that information to match you with the right one.

Matchmaking in times of Covid pandemic

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There is a distinct possibility of your personal habitual expenses increa This might not be a favorable month for getting married. However, married couples may enjoy life to the fullest, learning to accept their partners wholeheartedly. You may be able to find various avenu As per Ganesha, you will be heading towards something big this year.

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Covid lockdown not only led economy to come to a standstill but also led many people to postpone wedding plans. With people slowly realizing that the pandemic may last for some more time, weddings are resuming at a limited scale. We expect growth to come back from this quarter onwards. While the wedding has slowed down, but it had not impacted number for people going for a paid subscription and we expect the momentum to continue, he added.

Covid has increased digital adoption in India.

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Prema Ishq Kaadhal transl. Love, love, love is a Telugu romantic-comedy anthological film directed by Pavan Sadineni. The cinematography was handled by Karthik Gattamneni, who is famous for cinematography and direction of short films from the studio Pondfreaks Entertainment. The film was critically acclaimed and was a box-office hit. Ranadhir “Randy” Harshvardhan Rane is a musician who runs a band in his cafe.

One day after his performance, Sarayu Vithika Sheru meets him to applaud his talent. Eventually their encounter turns into love. Sarayu encourages Randy to perform on the stage. Even though, music is only a hobby for him, Randy performs for Sarayu on the stage. The concert becomes a huge success and he becomes famous.

Arranged marriage in the Indian subcontinent

Kundali matching or Kundali Milan plays a prominent role in finding an ideal life partner. You cannot underestimate the power of Kundali matching. After all, it was considered as one of the bases for a strong and happy marriage in the olden days. Even today, matching of kundalis is the first step in matrimonial discussions to ensure a harmonious bond among the duo.

The decision to marry someone cannot be taken in a few meetings. For a relationship to be successful, you need to understand your partner well and spend time to know them better.

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Those in a relationship may decide to get married on the spur of the moment, catching friends and family totally by surprise. While the problem is definitely painful, astrology kundli can provide you with the best solutions for this problem. I tried their other free services and they are very good. Above are some common reasons behind problems between married couples. If 3 points are there it is considered as dinakoot match.

This, he says, is proof that his approach works. Kirtania divulges a secret. Serving up a match point – We are in no way threatened by online matchmaking websites. The other cards have no value. So why should you matchmaking risk by just matching one planet when the whole of the horoscope is important.

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The city-based company had registered consolidated net profits at Rs 7. Experts believe it will help the app garner reach and equity with kids on the back of Disney. Dating sites are discouraging dates and asking users to get to know each other virtually instead. Have you read these stories? SC: The Centre has not made its stand clear till now.


A new breed of offline matchmakers is trying to weed out old biases by focusing on matching personalities rather than horoscopes and bio datas. The story will follow an unlucky-in-love romantic and her no-nonsense mom who butt heads as they run the most successful matchmaking service in the Little India neighbourhood in Singapore. Join in the revelry of memes about Indian Matchmaking is Sameera’s recent video with her mother-in-law Manjri Varde.

The Ministry of Home Affairs shared five signs to identify fraudsters on matrimonial websites. Here are these From an online punditji to having a virtual pooja, all things are in place for them for tomorrow. Adult children are usually full of resentment when their parents remarry. But some are breaking the stereotype by actively playing matchmakers for their widowed or divorced parents. The district bureau of employment and entrepreneurship DBEE is playing matchmaker between job providers and seekers via its new web link where employers can register the number and nature of vacancies.

Ditching traditional faithfuls like astrology, matchmaking startups are putting their trust in artificial intelligence to find the ideal partners for young Indians. When it comes to marriage, Indian families have traditionally relied on the referrals route. The family’s elders would fan out into their social network – th

Wedding wish unfulfilled, woman sues matchmaking website in Chandigarh, gets Rs 70,000

Also part of the show is Violet Lim, founder of Lunch Actually, a year-old dating service which started in Singapore and aims to deal with the complexity in finding love. See related story. As a woman whose company has arranged dates for more than , people, Ms. Lim said that she had a lot of fun being part of the show and seeing the cast make connections and dates.

Our Founders, Tania and Mishi bring with them a fresh approach to traditional matchmaking. They seek to celebrate your individuality and help you to find.

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