Delaware archaeologists find African-American graves that may date to Civil War

Archaeologists in Delaware last week began surveying a site set for development near Frankford and found 11 graves so far. So developer Ribera Development LLC hired archaeologists, who made the discovery after a neighbor directed them to the likely spot. Archaeologists found the headstone of C. Hall, with markings indicating he was an African-American Civil War soldier. They plan to research Hall, and hope to learn more about the family, Otter said. The graves will be preserved, and the State Historic Preservation Office said it plans to offer support as the archaeological investigation continues. Delaware was the last state to abolish the use of the whipping post as a form of legal punishment in Now the final remaining post on public display will be removed. Juneteenth did not mean freedom for Delaware slaves.

American Gravestone Evolution – Part 1

I recently received a photo of the tombstone for my father’s brothers. I know going through St. Adalbert Cemetery, fka Old Polish Cemetery, near me in the Chicago suburbs, I see plenty of examples of family stones with full birth and death dates, so YMMV, it might be a space and cost issue. My 2nd great grandparents have a stone with their names, a second wife after the first passed on another face of the stone, and a son on the back of the stone:.

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The tombstone ad describes the type and number of securities offered, how they can be purchased, the availability date, the security’s credit.

All rights reserved. The s marked a golden age in high-profile archaeological discoveries. The tombs were the work of the ancient culture of Sumer that had flourished at the dawn of civilization. The discovery of the tombs dominated headlines on both sides of the Atlantic, not only for the quantity and craftsmanship of the objects found but also for the light they shed on the grisly nature of Sumerian burial practices.

The finds included exquisitely crafted jewelry and musical instruments, as well as large numbers of bodies: servants and soldiers entombed alongside their dead sovereigns. Scholarly and public fascination with the ancient culture of Mesopotamia had been steadily growing since the latter part of the 19th century. It was in December that an Assyriologist, George Smith, presented a paper to a packed session of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, attended by the British prime minister, William Gladstone.

What he unveiled in his lecture caused an international sensation. In this saga, he came upon an account of a flood that was strikingly similar to that of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament.

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Click Here for part 2 – Victorian Era. A historical graveyard, and all that goes into it, is a kind of ancient puzzle, that I hope will intrigue you as it does me. By understanding the craftsmanship of early stone carvers and tracing the sources for the different kinds of stone they used, I gain appreciation for the resourcefulness of the people of the time.

Directed by George P. Cosmatos, Kevin Jarre. With Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Bill Paxton. A successful lawman’s plans to retire anonymously in.

I had trouble coming up with the title description for this page. But it is reputed to be the oldest original monument still standing in Connecticut. And one of the oldest legible monuments of any kind in the country. The Palisado Cemetery is a stop along the Connecticut Freedom Trail and the First Church next to it is said to be the oldest parish in the new world. My head spins at all this stuff.

The Rev. Ephraim Huit was settled in Windsor, in , as the colleague of the Rev. Warham, and died in Cotton Mather mentions him among the ministers that left the mother country after having entered the sacred office. His will is recorded in the office of the Secretary of State, Connecticut, by which it appears that he left four daughters —Susanna, Mercy, Lydia, and Mary, to whom, with his widow, he left a handsome estate, real and personal.

He had one son, who died before his father. Huit was responsible for building a solid and safe from marauding Indians meetinghouse back in the mid 17th century. A quick reading of the inscription on any early New England gravestone, and you know exactly how the deceased was regarded by his family and friends. Who when hee lived wee drew our vitall breath, Who when hee dyed his dying was our death, Who was ye stay of State, Ye Churches Staff, Alas the times forbid an Epitaph.

Introduction to Churchyard and Cemetery Monuments

The vast majority of gravestones found in burial grounds were carved by professional gravestone carvers. To learn more and see some examples please view the Field Stone Gravestones webpage. Gravestones presented carvers a means to express themselves artistically within a defined subject. Furniture makers, silversmiths, potters ceramics , glass, and pewter makers all used their mediums likewise as a means to express themselves artistically.

A period in history generally thought to be devoid of art and decoration. Ironically, it was the Puritans themselves that created this spartan image of themselves.

The tombstone of an African-American Civil War soldier — and Delaware archaeologists find African-American graves that may date to Civil.

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The U. The next of kin will review the proposed headstone or niche cover text template prior to the date of interment. A veteran’s government headstone must contain the deceased’s name, rank, branch of service, date of birth and date of death. Other lines can include combat service and significant awards. Generally, the niche cover can accommodate 11 characters including spaces on the name line, and 13 characters including spaces on all other lines except the 11th line, which can contain a maximum of nine characters including spaces.

Gravestones for Chicago, IL Cemeteries

There are certain situations when a family or individual needs to add to an existing memorial after it has been placed in a cemetery. Whether a memorial was recently set or it has been in a cemetery for decades, Milano Monuments can add lettering to an existing memorial, right in the cemetery. The added memorial inscription is completed with the same precision and craftsmanship seen in our other memorials.

This process of adding lettering is complicated. Generally, it takes 60 days to complete, but is very weather dependent. Inscriptions can not be completed in the cold or if the stone is wet, making the typical inscription season June through September in Northeast Ohio.

The next of kin will review the proposed headstone or niche cover text template prior to the date of interment. The template will be finalized with cemetery staff.

This form of artistic creativity belongs to the past: examples are found throughout the Diaspora, and it attained a particularly high level of development in the Pale of Czarist Russia and in Galicia. The gravestones of Ukraine and Moldova, two regions formerly within the Pale and now independent countries, are especially noteworthy for their decorative quality and inventive figurative design.

Our page on Jewish Traditions for Death, Burial, and Mourning introduces many of the customs associated with Jewish cemeteries and grave markers, and provides links to a number of external references on the worldwide Jewish rituals and practices of burial and remembrance. Here we use some of the many examples of Jewish grave markers in Rohatyn to help explain and celebrate the art and meaning of our surviving heritage.

For several topics, especially on symbolism in the figurative art, we have gathered information from other sites and books also listed among our sources below ; significant among the online resources are articles and photo galleries written and assembled by Ruth Ellen Gruber for the Jewish Heritage Europe portal and the Candle sticks on Stone website. The rich stock of visual examples in Rohatyn is a treasure to us, and we hope it will be to others as well.

To quote from YIVO:.

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Description: Carved stone tombstone; 4 line Hebrew inscription referring to Perach son of Jehoshua, with a date. Production date: (?): 19 November.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. One of my objectives is to find the gravestones of my ancestors. I notice many of them have date of death and age of the deceased instead of the birthday. This makes a certain sense to me since it’s something known at the time of death. However some two examples are a husband and wife David Andrews and Naomi Briggs Andrews have the date of birth but do not have the date of death, even the year.

One has the place of death which would imply if was done post mortem so wasn’t just a case of a precut memorial while the person was still living. Was this a common practice at some point or was it unique to this particular couple? From reading Find-A-Grave forums over the past several years, the reasons for this include:. It does not seem to be a common practice at any point of time and is not unique to this particular couple.

The most likely cause here is that the two memorial stones were engraved and erected long after the burials. They may have replaced earlier markers which had deteriorated.

Tombstones dating back to 1800s stolen, one found more than 1,000 miles away

If you would like to contribute information about any local cemetery you have dealt with, please forward your story to:. A tradesman doing an inscription job on a slant marker. In metropolitan Philadelphia, expect headstone inscription work to take 90 days. Not many people do this sort of work. So if you want it done by Easter, or by Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, or Christmas, or before a deceased’s birthday passes Sometimes an accommodation can be made to speed up the work, but generally it takes a while to get these jobs completed.

Dates of enlistment and discharge added. Feb. 15, Pension number and option for flat headstone added. May 1, Veteran’s army serial number.

East European Jewish tombstones follow the Ashkenazic pattern that was developed in Central Europe from the eleventh to the fourteenth century. Their most typical traits include vertical position as opposed to Sephardic tombstones, which usually lie horizontally , rectangular shape, and the prominence of inscription fields. In addition to simple vertical slabs, pseudosarcophagi were popular in some localities in the sixteenth through the eighteenth centuries.

Beginning in the eighteenth century, some tombs of exceptional scholars, rabbis, or holy men were built with an ohel lit. Until the nineteenth century, all tomb inscriptions were written in Hebrew with some Aramaic barbarisms in the epitaphs of learned elites , although many betray poor knowledge of the language. Hebrew inscriptions were written in square script. Cursive and semicursive script began to appear sporadically only in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and were used for the closing formula or some part thereof of the epitaph.

Throughout this entire period, and most notably until the nineteenth century, the most common material for tombstones was undoubtedly wood. Grave markers were simple planks with painted inscriptions or images of full-size gravestones carved into the wood. Of the tombstones that have survived, the overwhelming majority are carved in stone, although a few nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century examples made of cast iron have also endured, as well as some twentieth-century ones composed of artificial stone terrazzo, concrete.