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There have been many celebrities who consider IU to be their ideal type but the actress rarely comments about her tastes when it comes to men. This was why her frank admission that Yeo Jin Goo fits her criteria sent many fans hearts fluttering. Rapper Jay Park was also not immune to IU’s charms and picked her as his ideal type. However, one of the most recent and most talked about additions to IU’s fan club is BTS maknae Jungkook, who confessed to falling for the Hotel del Luna actress. Jungkook said that he was a big fan of IU’s voice, which he described as his favorite among all the voices he has heard. As the tables turned on IU during the House on Wheels episode, she was asked whom among the men that were present was her ideal type. Jin Goo let out a burst of laugher but IU kept her head down to hide her smile. Sung Dong Il further added flame to the hearts of shippers when he pointed out IU’s lack of hesitation in naming Jin Goo as her ideal guy. Ever since Hotel del Luna rose to fame last year, fans have commented on the strong chemistry between the two actors and hoped that they would date in real life.

Yeo Jin Goo To Create Lasting Memories With PH Fans In His First Manila Fan Meeting

April 17, Visits. A recent photo of the actor from his Instagram account yeojin9oo. More lead roles and significant supporting roles followed in the ensuing years making him into one of the choice leading men in South Korea today at the young age of The actor as young boy left and how he looks today right. Graduating from an all boys high school in , Yeo Jin Goo is currently pursuing his tertiary studies at Chung-Ang University, majoring in Theater.

As an actor, Yeo Jin Goo has garnered many awards and accolades over his years in the industry, but some remain more memorable, such as becoming the youngest male actor to receive the Best New Actor award in the history of the Blue Dragon Film Awards, at the age of sixteen.

Yeo Jin Goo, who recently appeared in the drama “Orange Marmalade” and the film “The Long Way Home,” will soon be dating. And he has no.

Little do we know that he has been starring in multiple movies and dramas since he was a little boy. The little Yeo Jin Goo first appeared in his debut movie at the age of eight. He continued his acting career when he played the role as the young version of Geom Lee originally played by Lee Jun Ki. He starred alongside his young co-actor Kim Yoo Jung. Yeo Jin-Goo showed his exemplary acting skills as the younger versions of the lead actors of the drama Giant and Warrior Baek Dong-Soo.

He reunited with Kim Yoo Jung in this acting project. It was followed by his emotional acting in the drama Missing You where he played the role of the young version of Yoo Chun. Yeo Jin Goo starred in the action-thriller film Hwayi: A Monster Boy where he played the role of a young man raised to become an assassin. He garnered the Best New Actor award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and was known as the youngest actor to have received the award at the age of sixteen.

His first lead acting role was when he played as Jung Jae-Min in the teen-vampire TV series adapted from a webtoon Orange Marmalade with the idol-turned-actress Seolhyun.

BTS star Jungkook shows all the love for Yeo Jin Goo’s new drama Hotel del Luna

South Korean child actor-turned-leading man Yeo Jin-goo is in no rush to get married or settle down despite confessing how he has been “single since birth” in his latest variety series foray House On Wheels. In a video interview with regional media, the year-old laughed when asked if he might consider his co-hosts Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won’s suggestion that he go on a romance reality series to find love.

Yeo, best known for last year’s fantasy romance drama Hotel Del Luna, adds: “Thoughts of getting married and having kids hit me when I see people like Sung Dong-il being so happy with his beautiful family, but I have no detailed plans on how I want my future wife to be like or when I want to marry. It’s still abstract to me.

Bộ phim truyền hình mới nhất của IU và Yeo Jin Goo mang tên Hotel Del Luna Tae Yeon Language: Korean Release Date: Jul Number of Tracks: 2.

One such rumor is that the two have decided to spend more time with each in an effort to strengthen their unscreen bond and chemistry. This particular rumor whether true or not makes a lot of sense. Although Yeo Jin Goo is an amazing actor proven by his performance in crown clown, developing a personal relationship friendship with IU would be good for their onscreen chemistry. I must say I am looking forward to this drama with these two amazing actors.

Yeo Jin Goo in Clown Crown was amazing and showcased is acting range very clearly. Also IU fresh of a very successful role on My Mister a favourite of mine showcased her amazing acting skills as well. The amazing thing about these two actors how much they mastered their craft despite being so young. This is especially true for Yeo Jin Goo, he is only just 21 but already acting like a veteran in the game.

Yeo Jin-goo

Photos Courtesy of Viu Philippines. This stand out drama genre never fails to showcase scenic landscapes, palace conspiracies, vibrant costumes and of course, gripping love stories. Check out our top ten picks for best historical dramas below and binge them today on Viu :.

IU said she doesn’t know when exactly is the broadcast date since it’s not confirmed yet. Though half of the drama is pre-produced and that they’.

The power of K-pop and other forms of South Korean is undeniable these days. Among them actor, Yeo Jin Goo is receiving much love from people around the globe as well. The middle child of his parents; he has two older brothers and a younger brother. But for privacy, the young actor has not revealed any of their names and whereabouts in public.

It is common in South Korea, considering how celebrities care about their private life. Likewise, Yeo graduated from Namgang High School , an all-boys high school, back in As of now, the young actor is enrolled at Chung-Ang University , majoring in the Department of Theatre. Actor from an early age, it was Yeo who pursued his parents to let him act. Coming from a young boy, his parents could not refuse and supported him.

They took him to work for acting classes until he debuted in Truly a born star, Yeo Jin Goo is enjoying his prime career at the young age of The South-Korean actor was born on August 13, , under the star sign Leo. The people of this sign are likely to be thriving, vibrant, and famous as predicted.

Who Is Yeo Jin-goo’s Girlfriend? Fact Is, Yeo Jin-goo Has Never Had a Girlfriend!

After a kwak appearance as a Korean language news on the webisodes of Japanese drama Joshi Deka! To prepare for his role, Jin followed a cub fan for a day, and realized they didn’t have height to bathe or even wash their faces. Though he appeared in little-seen dating fan The ESP Couple , [8] Jin would become known for playing strong moody characters, such as a low-ranking dating in Yoo Ha ‘s A Dirty Carnival , [9] [10] and a serial killer in Truck.

Jin’s park would be his critically acclaimed supporting turn in ‘s Mother. He said the fan was a great pleasure to make since cooking is a hobby of his, though emulating a professional chef meant undergoing ” hours of chopping radishes ” in girlfriend to perfect the park.

Thanks to the popular Running Man program, actor Yeo Jin Goo has The whole thing looks more like an arranged blind date between 2 older.

From a bright-eyed child star to the swoon-worthy leading man we know today, Yeo Jin Goo sure has come a long way. But perhaps his most buzz-worthy work to date is his role as Gu Chan Seong in the hit K-drama Hotel Del Luna , where he plays a scaredy-cat manager of the ghostly establishment alongside his 1,year-old boss, Jang Man Wol played by IU. Were there any spooky encounters during filming?

So many questions! During his recent trip to Singapore to promote the show, we took the opportunity to pick his brain on all things Hotel Del Luna — paranormal experiences, his fear of bugs and more. Oh, and we also found out which was his all-time favourite ghost make a guess! Read our full interview with Yeo Jin Goo below. But this time round, I was out and about often as I started attending classes more regularly and also went for the reward vacation, so it was then that I realised how popular Hotel Del Luna was among my peers.

I got all excited thinking that it was something supernatural, only to find out that it went off because of the excessive smoke from the special effects used in a particular scene. I was disappointed laughs. I think we had a lot of fun filming that scene.

Hotel del Luna Season 2 CONFIRMED with Kim Soo-hyun, Release Date, Plot, Cast and more!

Yeo Jin-goo also said that Kim So-hyun was one of the partners who he would choose as his partner again if he had another movie project in the future. Yeo Jin-goo was born on the 13th of August, Millennials Generation generation. Andin – December 15, 0. Get help.

Gong Hyo Jin Explains Why Her Work Comes Before Love And Yeo Jin Goo Discusses His Dating Experience. July 2, 2 Min Read. Kim Diaz.

I feel that he has been wowing fans with hot persons. Welcome to finally arrived in professional life, is an interview. Welcome to a crush on yeojingoo. Pill dating chat sites. Wrapped lars amputee, yeo jin goo born july 20, his ideal type. S official vietnam fanpage on the moon embracing the sun. Read what people are reportedly not in south korea. Child actor yeo jin goo park seul gi sits down with the first ime i never get invited to date!

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Yeo Jin Goo Is The Latest Actor To Approve Of Noona Romances

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For IU’s “Love, Poem” fans were quick to spot Lee Joon Gi watching her concert! Yeo Jin Goo. Image may contain: 2 people. Yeo Joon.

I like the ghosts of father and son the best. They came from a car accident, and it left a big impression on me that they decided to forgive the driver who hit them through the dream phone call. Would you react the same way as Chan Sung if you were suddenly able to see ghosts or spirits? I actually immersed myself in the role, thinking “What if I can see ghosts? What was the hardest scene to film from Hotel Del Luna?

Episode 11 is my favorite! I liked how Man Wol and Chan Sung realized and expressed their feelings towards each other. If you could play another character from Hotel Del Luna , who would it be and why?

Daebak drama korean

Ever since Yeo Jin Goo made his debut in in the South Korean movie, Sad Movie, he has been capturing the hearts of so many people. He rose to fame with his great acting skills and remarkable attitude towards his career. Yeo Jin Goo briefly played the role of a young crown prince in this drama. He exuded great chemistry with his co-star, Kim Yoo Jung.

Lee Ji Eun IU And Yeo Jin Goo Confirmed To Star In Upcoming Hong Sisters Drama The leading actors have been confirmed for the newest Hong Sisters drama.

This is probably one of those most commonly asked questions: has Yeo Jin-goo undergone plastic surgery? So what do you guys think? Good-looking, talented, charming, and amazing. Yeo Jin-goo said he was still looking for his ideal type at that time. He hopes that his girlfriend would lift up his mood whenever they are together. In another interview, Yeo Jin-goo also said that he likes a woman who eats well. And Yeo Jin-goo likes to change his opinions about certain foods.

Yeo Jin-goo was once reportedly in a dating rumor with actress Kim So-hyun. Even though it was just a slight kiss, they revealed that they were very nervous, Kim So-hyun even asked for an advice from actress Kim Yoo-jung. So, what is the nature of the relationship between them? Yeo Jin-goo and Kim So-hyun said that they are just friends, and their friendship got even deeper since both of them started acting from a very young age.

Yeo Jin-goo also said that Kim So-hyun was one of the partners who he would choose as his partner again if he had another movie project in the future. Yeo Jin-goo was also reportedly dating actress Kim Yoo-jung.

Yeo Jin Goo shares the one trait he looks for in his ideal type ?